Processing week

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today we discussed processing using which is owned by google and you can also design andorid systems using this software we design are own paint progarm and changed and moved and edited different types of coding heres a picture of one bit of the coding form:


young and gifted week 3

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Hi all

This week we made are own logos here a pic of the finished producted!!!Image

Young And Gifted Week 2

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Hi All its week 2 at the black-E today we followed up on last week and also attached links to different blogs. We have mixed up a prezzi of neil and his things he doing now and in the future. We made some draft logo’s and started are own personal prezzi on are life. I found the logo create bit hard to do but got it in the end. I mastered prezzi and enjoy making them to i’ll blog again next week Bye for now.



Young and Gifted Week 1

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Hi all

First week in the blackie young and gifted progamme and here something we have done already.

How we did this we first started looking for a image to mess with and then open a software called GIMP a take off from photoshop which does the same job. Then we uploaded the image to GIMP and reduced brightness and contrast and then put layers of colours over it and this was what we ended up with people.